Rasson Ox Modern Competition Grade Pool Table


Rasson OX modern competition grade 8 foot pool table equipped with a unique aluminum track system designed and patented for high precision adjustment and leveling. The SLS ( Slate Leveling System ) and LLS ( Leg Leveling System ) as well TPR material pockets make this pool table model incredibly precise. This model also features a 30mm thick premium Rasson slate, RASSON K55 rubber cushion and aluminum beam guarantee the most consistent response and longevity of table use. The luxurious look rail is resistant to warping, scratches and cigarette burns. OX table meets and exceeds the specifications as set by EPBF and WPA. The price shown here is for the 8 foot size, however this model is also available in 9 foot format with a $400 option adder that can be selected online by clicking the black ” customize ” button next to the ” add to shopping cart ” button.

This table is comprised of precision cut 30mm (1.18″) thick 3pc premium RASSON slate, machined flat to precision within a tolerance of less than 0.1mm, unlike most other pool tables on the market. Each point of the slate tightens the rail and slate to provide a fine resistance to impact, seismic and abscission; and also offers a more consistent and accurate ball response. This incredible pool table model also includes a choice of 28 colours of Championship Invitational brand Teflon protected billiard felt cloth and a billiard accessory kit.

• Artemis brand rubber from Germany
• Patented and perfectly matched drop pockets (TPE material pockets liner and metal corner)
• Aluminum support beam offers stable support to slate and guarantees level of whole table
• Patented Level System for slates
• Cabinet leveling system
• 1-1/5″ (30mm) slate
*Approved by EPBF ( Categorized as a “Match A” table )

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Rasson Ox Modern Competition Grade Pool Table

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